+ ARIA mourns the passing of Mina Chung.

+ ARIA faculty Jesse Schallek was featured in a video on the Research to Prevent Blindness Career Development Awards.

+ David DiLoreto to Chair University of Rochester Medical Center Department of Ophthalmology, Lead Flaum Eye Institute


+ Guevara-Torres A, Williams DR, Schallek J (2020). Origin of cell contrast in offset aperture adaptive optics ophthalmoscopy. Optics Letters 45(4), 840-843.

+ Canavesi C, Cogliati A, Mietus A, Qi Y, Schallek J, Rolland JP, Hindman HB (2020). In vivo imaging of corneal nerves and cellular structures in mice with Gabor-domain optical coherence microscopy. Biomedical Optics Express 11(2), 711-724.

+ Joseph, A., Guevara-Torres, A., and Schallek, J. (2019). Imaging single-cell blood flow in the smallest to largest vessels in the living retina. ELife 8, e45077.

Center for Visual Science University of Rochester