+ Congratulations to Aby Joseph, who won the best graduate student poster prize at the UR annual neuroscience retreat!

+ Congratulations to Aby Joseph, winner of the 2017 Leica Imaging Award for his time-lapse imaging of retinal microglia. Aby was honored with the award at the 2017 Immune Imaging Symposium at the University of Rochester.

+ A 71-year-old woman blinded by an inherited disease recently thrilled University of Rochester doctors by reaching out and grabbing her ophthalmologist’s hand after receiving a “bionic eye.” The device allows her to distinguish light and motion, which she hasn’t been able to do in decades. Read more...


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+ Cheong SK, Strazzeri JM, Williams DR, Merigan WH (2018). All-optical recording and stimulation of retinal neurons in vivo in retinal degeneration mice. PLoS ONE 13(3): e0194947.

+ Alarcon-Martinez L, Yilmaz-Ozcan S, Yemisci M, Schallek J, Kılıç K, Can A, Di Polo A, Dalkara T (2018). Capillary pericytes express α-smooth muscle actin, which requires prevention of filamentous-actin depolymerization for detection. Elife.

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