Ganglion Cell Function

Dr. Merigan's research examines the role of retinal ganglion cells in the visual perception of primate (human and macaque) and mouse. Although the retina contains more than 17 types of ganglion cell and each type forms a complete mosaic across the retina, little is known about what role each type plays in seeing. In collaboration with David Williams and Jennifer Hunter, Dr. Merigan is studying the role of different ganglion cell types using adaptive optics imaging of their calcium response.

  • Imaging the physiological activity of retinal ganglion cells with G-CaMP, a calcium indicator. Examines the response of different classes of mouse and primate ganglion cells to visual stimulation.
  • Restoration of vision to blind retina by inserting channel rhodopsin into retinal ganglion cells. Determines how perception can be mediated by light-gated channels used to restore vision to blind subjects.


Center for Visual Science University of Rochester