color-coded orientation map of retinal blood vessels in a fundus picture. Each color shows a unique orientation/angle of a vessel

Blood Flow: Vessels of the primate retina color coded by vessel angle.

photo of capillaries of the retina

Blood Flow: The microvascular network imaged without contrast agents. The movement of single blood cells creates a spatio-temporal flicker. Motion contrast imaging reveals active perfusion in the vessels surrounding the fovea.

Green ring of cells

Ganglion Cell Structure & Function: Fluorescent ring of ganglion cells serving the foveal cones. These cells are expressing the calcium indicator GCaMP, which allows cell responses to be monitored optically.

photoreceptor mosaic

Two-photon Imaging of the Retina: Reflectance (left) and two-photon excited fluorescence (right) image of the photoreceptor mosaic in the living macaque eye. The main source of fluorescence is most likely all-trans-retinol.

loc88 montage

Two-photon Imaging of the Retina: The image shows two-photon excited fluorescence captured from photoreceptors in the living macaque eye where selective S cone damage was induced at different time points.

Color photo of capillaries of the retina

Blood Flow: A binary mask showing perfused vessels surrounding the fovea of the primate. Vessel angle is coded by color.


Recent Publications

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